Welcome to my blog. It’s rather bland for the moment, I will spend some time sprucing the place up soon. Check back to see what craziness I decide to include here.

This will be the place where you can learn about me, my current and future works and various other tidbits I may feel like sharing. My new book, In the Devil’s Arms, is a paranormal BDSM themed novel set in the Magiste community in New Orleans. While the Magiste people are magical, it is unlikely you’ll find much based in real practices of witchcraft and Wicca. I tend to make my own rules for my world. In the Devil’s Arms will be released soon by Noble Romance Publishing.

Currently, I am 3/4 finished with the sequel to In the Devil’s Arms, and I have at least two other books planned for that world. In addition, I also have a WIP that has a sci-fi theme to it, and have a plan for a second book in that series, as well. We’ll see if I’m inspired to do any more in that universe.

Finding the time to get these all written is a challenge, with a full time day job and two children, I tend to suffer from a lack of sleep trying to squeeze everything into every spare minute, but it’s so easy to get lost in my unique worlds, that I don’t mind.

From time to time, I’ll share parts of my work as I progress – particularly difficult scenes always tempt me to share my agony. Doesn’t that just sound like fun?


10 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Welcome to blogging Gianna πŸ™‚ Just a thought, you could always check the “mature content” box on Blogger so people have to confirm they are adults to “enter” the site (I do that on one of mine since I put erotica excerpts up too)… I'm *so* excited to see bits from your WIP, I know they will be *hot* if they're anything like In The Devil's Arms! Congrats again on your contract with Noble!

  2. Thanks Wendy! Need to figure it all out, this is still new. Got a few days off this week, so maybe I can put it to use.

    And not to worry, with me there's always craziness to share! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Janet, good to finally arrive in this land. I think! πŸ™‚ Like I don't have enough to keep up with, but I hear I can pre-write posts and set them to automatically go up when I can't do it myself. I must look into that.

  4. Welcome, I love the wonderful variety of our blogs in our writer's group. I will link you to mine and make sure I add you to the next newsletter – I just missed it this month. And craziness is part of the package when you are a writer and a mom!!

  5. Thanks Jen – I didn't have the blurb ready in time anyway. It's with the editor now, hopefully, they'll like it. I owe Claire a HUGE thanks for helping me with it. Now I'm trying to figure out how to follow and link to everyone else.

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