(Too Many) Characters Welcome

So as I plan for NaNoWriMo, I’ve been tossing around a few ideas. I really wanted to work on my sci-fi themed story, but technically, I’m not supposed to as I have already started it. I only have 8K words so far, but I wouldn’t count them in my totals written for the month, if I went with this story.
One in particular keeps coming to the forefront as I jot down brief notes for characters I may want to write about (their names, their appearance and the like). These characters are part of my medieval family I created when I wrote The Heart of The Panther. My critique partners may remember Gillian and Royce, and Gillian’s brother Simon and his “from-another-time-but-really-from-his-time” woman, Caroline. I know, that was confusing. But years ago, I started a story involving Gillian and Royce’s daughter, Marisa. I got about seven chapters into that one and it kind of withered and died on the vine. The plot was illogical, as were some of Marisa’s actions. But I’ve got a new slant on her now, and her nemesis Iain, the Scottish warrior who wants vengeance against Marisa’s father. So I’m leaning toward writing that this month – I have an opening already in mind, and I think I can reasonably tie in a bunch of kink to really spice the story up. It should work well, considering that opening scene does place her in a captive role.
The catch? I have a really great (IMO) idea for Helene and Devlin’s daughter as well. Since the Marchand men are happily and proudly Dominants, I wondered what a Marchand woman would be like. I tend to prefer to write my stories with a male Dom and a female sub, though I do enjoy reading a good ménage where there are both female and male subs in the relationship. But I cannot get into the mindset of a female Domme, or a male sub to be able to do a story like that justice. I guess I’m wired to prefer a male Dom and female sub. But being that Regine Marchand is a headstrong, independent woman, it should follow, that as a Marchand, she would be natural in the Dominant role. But I couldn’t help thinking what if she was truly a submissive, and didn’t recognize the fact?  And I have just the guy to show her how to face the reality she isn’t a Domme. The setting for this book worked out pretty well, as I used my love of horses and riding and the equestrian world in general to make her a professional three-day eventer who gets caught up in a scandal. Who suspends her from competition? None other than the man who showed her what it means to accept submission at the hands of a strong yet loving Dom. And you know those equestrians, they have all sorts of gear that lends itself to a BDSM relationship.
Then I decide I’d like to travel back in time again and want to write Marisa and Iain. As usual, I can’t make up my mind – it’s like trying to decide between the Brownie Sundae cake and the Italian pastries for dessert. Can’t I have them all?
So the debate continues – I may just have to flip a coin. I’d love your opinions. What do you think? Which would you rather read?

15 thoughts on “(Too Many) Characters Welcome

  1. They all sound good 🙂 The night before NaNo you can always flip a coin, like you said. If the option that comes up doesn't feel right, then you can narrow it down again and flip the coin again! 🙂

  2. Just gotta make sure I don't use the two-headed coin! LOL!

    At this point, I think the only thing that will really help is if these voices in my head stop yelling all at the same time! 😀

  3. My vote is for Regina's story. Take a look at what you've posted about the two, above. The explanation about Marisa's story gave almost no detail about what her story actually was, other than a she's acaptive of Iain's who wants vengeance on her father. With Regine, you've given us her internal conflict (she believes herself to be a Dom, like the rest of her family, but has been shown she's truly a sub) and the external conflict (her relationship with the male who has shown her the pleasures of being submissive to a loving Dom, but who has thwarted her goals in a sport/career that is important to her. It seems to me that you're more engaged in the latter story, or at least may have a clearer vision for it.

    Of course I could be wrong, and I will certainly be interested in either book, but I have to admit to a greater curiosity about Regine's story than about Marisa's.

  4. I vote for the second story line. It's different and you don't see a lot of it. Conflict of this nature is hot. I also think you can play with Regine, and show both her dominant and submissive sides. She doesn't have to be one or the other all of the time. Perhaps she's a switch or just a bottom. Or perhaps she could be a submissive to a particular Marchand man only, and only after he proves himself to be a worthy Dom. Maybe he'll let her play the domme to toy with her, or as a reward. Or they can have a “pet” who she gets to dom. I like either one though. Both sound really yummy, and I'm sure they'll be hits.

  5. Picking one is my problem, Janet! LOL! I so badly have the urge to write all three of them, clearly not the time. I still have week or so to decide, since I'll be missing the first 4 days of Nov. anyway. Just gotta keep my notes.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Margot! It's funny, when I first wrote Marisa's story, she was so clear in my head, but it was a while ago, so a lot of that has faded, I think, whereas Regine is so new, all of her character traits are very clear in my head.

    I like your analysis of the conflict/s, sometimes I worry I've over-complicated when I really haven't, and your comments made me realize it with this one! 🙂

  7. Hi Soft! Glad to see you!

    There are so many nuances I could play with Regine, but then I think I might be getting into the realm of complicating the plot and conflict too much. She's going to be a submissive, that's for sure, she just needs it pointed out to her. But she can't be submissive to a Marchand, she IS a Marchand. Devlin's her dad, and Aidan's her brother. I'm not sure incest is selling too well these days! LOL! To be honest, I don't think I could write that ven if it was! 😀

  8. Ah, OK, I get it now. LOL@ incest not selling too well.

    I agree with not complicating it too much. But the conflict about her submissiveness sounds fun, especially since she's such a strong character. It sounds like this one is calling you more. Is it one of those things where you feel like the first story is something you already started something so you don't want it to go to waste? Cause you're going to be writing for a long time, babe! I say go with the one that moves you the most.

  9. I think the Regine story sounds very cool, because you already have it set up for lots of sparks and conflicts. Maybe you could have two doms try to sub her, which sounds hilarious. LOL

    I've always wondered what story you had in mind when you were thinking of the song Shakedown

  10. Hey hon, thanks for stopping by!

    My sci-fi story came out of watching Dragon Ball Z, actually! LOL! Just had an idea about my own interplanetary people, the main character a guy from another planet who's running for his life from a murderer. But I'm not a big sci-fi fan in general, so not sure how well I can work that one, to be honest.

    I like the Regine story – a lot. Today, though I'm leaning towards Marisa. But ask me in a few hours, and it'll be different again! LOL! I'm just trying to keep notes – my trusty Excel spreadsheets are increasing!

  11. I like Helene and Devlin's daughter. There's no reason why a woman who is strong all the time can't want to be dominated in the bedroom. I just read a great historical like this…of course the name escapes me. But half the fun was breaking her…allowing her to see she really liked it. Good luck with which ever you choose.

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