The Taste of Magic Release Day

The Taste of Magic is now available again! I’m very excited – it was one of my favorite books to write, and I still take a lot of pride in being an EPIC Ebook Award finalist with it. The best part is that it has that beautiful new cover. Books We Love Publishing has been a pleasure to work with in re-releasing it.

Like many of my stories, this one was inspired by a character on a TV show, and the “What if” game played a huge part in coming up with the idea. And that game continued through probably almost all of the writing of the book, as well. And of course, since I’m a sucker for super-human men, and this was my first work in the paranormal genre, I really had a hell of a lot of fun writing it. I hope you’ll have fun reading it. Kat and Adrian are both very stubborn people, but when it comes to matters of the heart, few can withstand the power! 🙂

Here’s the blurb:

Adrian du Lac is not your average vampire. Nearly two-thousand years old, he uses immortality to his advantage. Though he lives the life of a successful European businessman, what he really wants is to rule the world.

Originally, he sought Katerina Romanov for her latent powers of witchcraft, but now that she’s come of age, his desires have changed. When Katerina succumbs to Adrian’s charms, some fear the vampire will become invincible. As du Lac’s enemies set out to destroy him once and for all, he and Katerina run the risk of losing each other forever.

You can get your hands on a copy at this link:   And I’ll be giving a couple of copies away – here and on Twitter. Stay tuned!


The Taste of Magic

I’m very excited to share this news – though many of you may already know. My very first book, published under the name Gina Rosavin, is being re-released. The Taste of Magic will be out in October from Books We Love Publishing (  
This book is very dear to my heart, for obvious reasons. It was my first paranormal, a vampire tale, and was one of my favorite books to write. Adrian du Lac is a 2,000 year old vampire with an oversize ego and plans for world domination. Katerina Romanov is a witch who is unaware she has any magical ability. Adrian wants her powers, want to utilize them to his own advantage, but Katerina is just as determined to free her family from his control. Neither of them counted on the fiery attraction, one that quickly escalates into so much more.
The Taste of Magic was a 2007 EPIC E-book Award finalist – they were still called the EPPIES at that time. I didn’t win the category, but knowing that my book stood with some of the best of the year was a thrilling experience. I do have other stories planned in this world, there are secondary characters who have been crying out for their story to be told, and now that Magic is coming back, it’s a good time to get that next book finished up. At the Gina Rosavin website,, you can find an excerpt of Betrayed.
In the meantime, here’s the new cover and “a bite” of The Taste of Magic. 🙂  It will be released next month, and I’ll be sure to share when it’s available to purchase.
Adrian responded to the buzz of the intercom. “What is it now?” “Katerina Romanov is here to see you. She doesn’t have an appointment.” Adrian tossed the file onto the desk. “Send her in.” He smiled. Just the distraction he needed from the morning’s work. He glanced down at his tie and straightened it. Just because he had no reflection didn’t mean he would settle for his appearance as less than perfect.
The double doors of his office opened. She stepped into the room. Amazed at how easily she could leave him speechless, he rose. Her sheer beauty was like nothing he had ever seen before, even dressed in the severe gray suit which hid her charms. Her dark eyes hinted at a limitless fire. He wanted to taste those full lips. At that moment, he knew the longing he’d felt the other night was more than a fleeting notion, and he had to have her.
Not as a vampire, but as a man. He wanted her in his bed.
“Katerina, what a pleasant surprise.”
She tore her gaze from his for a moment, a heartbeat, but enough to reveal her nervousness. “We have some business to discuss.”
Adrian shrugged. “We do? I was not aware…”
“I owe you for my education. And I intend to see the money returned, with interest.”
Adrian waved toward a chair. “Please, I thought we’d settled this.” Once she had taken her seat, he sat.
She shook her head. He wished her hair was unbound, as it had been the other night. What had gotten into him? He was not comfortable with the way these strange thoughts came upon him so suddenly, and at any time.
The lack of control was unfamiliar. And unwelcome.
“We settled nothing, du Lac. I will not have my family used by you any longer.”
He shrugged. Anticipating what was coming, he played along. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”
“I know what you are.”
That knowledge would make her seduction more difficult, but he was up for the extra challenge. “Really? And what would that be, Kat?”
He felt a twinge of satisfaction at the way she flinched. She leaned forward. “No one calls me Kat. My name is Katerina.”
He decided then and there he wouldn’t call her anything else. “You were saying…Kat?” A sense of triumph swept over him when she didn’t respond to the deliberate taunt. Her eyes flashed with annoyance before she once again composed herself. Subduing her fiery nature was clearly a struggle. Perhaps here was a way to get to her. He forced himself to focus on her words. “Mr. du Lac, I’m determined to see every penny you spent on me is repaid. Then you will release my father from your service. Though he receives a substantial salary from du Lac Enterprises, I know his actual duties are not managing your Financial Advisory department.”
“You believe so? Your father has contributed to much of du Lac Enterprises’ profits in the last fifteen years. His particular…skills are greatly needed, and appreciated, by the company.”
“Skills? Don’t you mean his magic, his ability to cast good fortune your way?” “Your father is a valuable asset. I assure you, should he choose to…depart his position, I would not oppose him.” He knew Dimitri would never retire, would always remain loyal, despite whatever arrangements Adrian might make with Katerina.
She arched an eyebrow, her lips pursed in annoyance. “Really? Then you deny you use him for…unethical dealings.”
He smiled, but let no emotion show. She was smart. He wouldn’t be able to outwit her as easily as he’d anticipated, not without taking her blood. How much did she know about her father’s responsibilities? “Kat, I am shocked you would accuse me of such things. Your father chooses to work for me. If you object, I’m afraid you’re talking to the wrong man. You should speak with him.”
“I already have.” She opened her briefcase and took out a large envelope. Disappointed, he realized he’d halfhoped she would pull out a stake or a bottle of holy water. Such a confrontation would have been exhilarating. Instead, she placed the envelope in front of him.
“Since you wouldn’t accept my check the other night, consider this a down payment on my father’s freedom.”
He opened the envelope and peered inside. Three folders. He removed them and glanced at the names of several major international corporations before tossing them to the desk.
“Really, Kat, what am I supposed to do with these?”
She stiffened at his continued use of the nickname, but again did not protest. “I scrimped and saved any extra money not used on living expenses the past few years. What I saved, I invested. And made some wise choices, as you’ll see. I’d say it’s enough to cover boarding school through the high school years.”
He arched an eyebrow and nodded. “I’m impressed. But really, you should share this with your family.”
“No, it’s for you. You’ll have the rest by the end of the year. You can suggest to my father he take an early retirement. Then, I want your word you’ll leave my family alone.”
He stood and walked around the desk, stopping beside her chair. He leaned over her. “You are very brave to make such demands. Now, I have a demand of my own.”
Katerina stared at him, hoping she still maintained her outward bravado. Truth be told, she was terrified. She had no magic like her parents to protect her. He could destroy her in an instant for her boldness, but it was a risk she had to take.
At the same time, the man was devilishly handsome, and she couldn’t deny his sensual appeal. Even long ago, when she’d barely been past her twelfth birthday, she’d noticed. The memories were clear, etched in her mind as if it had happened yesterday. He’d come to her parents’ home, and soon afterward, she’d been sent off to school.
Now, after years of adolescent recollections and imaginings about what it would be like to face him, she was in his office, and he leaned over her, his mouth beside her ear. The spice in his cologne intoxicated her. How could she act like a coldhearted businesswoman when he was so near? No man
had ever affected her like this before. But he was no ordinary man. What was he going to ask of her?
“You will have dinner with me tonight.”
No, she couldn’t! Even as she shook her head, her mind screamed to accept. His fingers slid along her jaw and turned her to face him. His touch was cool, but ignited sparks of fire within her. She met his crystal blue gaze, willing her heart to stop pounding so hard.
“Yes, Kat. We will dine together at my castle.”
She couldn’t resist. His hypnotic voice echoed in her mind, his words laced with a hint of some strange accent, and an almost medieval manner of speaking. How old was he, anyway? Even as the thought fluttered through, she found herself nodding in response. All rational thought had fled. The only thing she wanted was to hear him speak again in his silky voice, which caused delightful vibrations in her belly.
“I’ll send a car for you. Be ready at seven.”
She nodded again and stood, her gaze still locked with his. “I’ll be ready.” He turned away, and she felt as though she’d been suddenly released from some sort of restraint. With his hand at the small of her back, he guided her to the door. Her legs felt strangely unsteady. She prayed she wouldn’t trip in front of him as they made their way to the door. She paused and turned back to him, her mind jumbled with confusion. What had just happened?
He placed a finger on her lips. The touch made her knees weaken. “I’ll see you tonight. We’ll discuss my other terms then.” Then she stood outside his office, aware his assistant watched her with curiosity. She cleared her throat and strode to the elevator, conscious of the fact she had not gotten him to agree to anything.


So everyone loves their Kindle, or Nook. I get that. I’ve never had one. People might think that odd, eh, since I write primarily e-books, but it’s just that I am loyal. I am a huge fan of my Sony E-Reader. There are a few reasons for that, and my friends know why, and it probably won’t be too hard for anyone else to figure out why. J  It’s a fact, and it won’t change. I love my little pink Pocket Reader, it’s worked phenomenally for over two years, and I can’t imagine ever being without it.
Since it is a couple years old, I’ve been thinking about replacing it. The newer models are fantastic, with great features, but the price/timing hasn’t been right. Until now! Sony is coming out with a brand new Reader WiFi, the lightest ever, coming in at under 6 ounces, with a 6” touchscreen. It has the finger swiping, to mimic turning a page in a paper book, WiFi (of course!) and the capability to notate with a stylus or your finger. The best part? It’s going to be priced somewhere around $150.
The model’s not going to be available until October. The release is coinciding with the launch of Pottermore, the new Harry Potter site that Sony is partnering in. To commemorate that, they are going to have a special limited edition Harry Potter version, which I simply must have. The thinking was to pass my older unit down to my daughter, since she wants one so desperately, but at that price, I think I’ll have to buy two. She’s almost as much of an HP fan as I am, though she prefers those ginger Weasley twins, while I am a Malfoy girl through and through, which makes her absolutely want to tear her hair out! I should expect that though – she is a teenager and I am her mother. Something would be wrong otherwise! lol

Anyway, here’s a link with some more details:   Now if October would just hurry up and get here already!