This Week’s Update

A lot’s happened in the last few weeks, much of it writing-related, some of it not. The timing couldn’t be better either, as my day job has a shutdown this coming week, and the best part of that is my kids will be in school most days! So I get to work on various writing-related tasks, as well as catch up on a couple things around here I just haven’t been able to squeeze in, despite the fast-reaching-desperate need to get them done. But I made progress on some cleanups for Warrior’s Vengeance, and I got a lot of new stuff written for the current Marchand book I’m working on.
But the biggest news of the week is that Prince of the Universe, my first stab at a sci-fi, has been contracted by Renaissance Ebooks Sizzler Editions! I am super excited about this, because as much as I love this story, and these characters, I really don’t know a lot about sci-fi. Seriously. I never even saw the first three episodes of Star Wars (which, BTW, I can’t help thinking of as the second three, since the others I saw in the 70’s and 80’s were the FIRST THREE I saw. Still come first in my head). That’s how bad it is.
Here’s the thing – one of my favorite TV shows EVER is “The Universe” on the History Channel, followed closely (really, really closely) by “Through the Wormhole” on the Science Channel. The idea of other worlds out there fascinates me, and I do find it hard to believe that we are truly alone in this vast universe. So I watch those shows as much as I can (marathons are like a drug overdose! lol), and my writer’s imagination goes to work after that.
I was able to incorporate some of what I’ve learned into this book, the rest – I kind of just winged it. Prince Vega, of the Planet Aldarra, is a human-like person who lands in Fair Ridge, PA, home of Meredith (Merry) Alexander, who just so happens to have had a really bad previous encounter with another Aldarran. There are a lot of reasons Merry fears Vega, but her compassionate heart can’t completely abandon him. Even though she wants and decides to let him fend for himself, she can’t cut him off, and once she makes her first move to help him, she’s doomed. But Vega isn’t like the other, and proves it, sometimes in a very arrogant and I’m-better-than-you-cause-I’m-royalty kind of way.
These two were fun to write – Merry, while she possesses a very legitimate fear of Vega, still has backbone and won’t completely back down. She’s funny, not afraid to speak her mind, and that compassionate heart of hers makes her a sucker for someone in need of help. Vega was a bit more complicated. He’s a prince, in line to a throne, he’s a warrior, and he has the capability of transforming into a hybrid man/feline creature with incredible amounts of strength and power.  Yet, he just wants to share his life with someone, just like anyone else. His goal to be king requires he have heirs. The Earth woman confounds him, but he can’t resist her. His perception of too many softer feelings for her is that it could weaken him, make him vulnerable. But he also discovers the motivation such feelings give him. Not that he ever loses that arrogant edge – he wouldn’t be one of my heroes if he did!
Anyway, as I get more details, I will share them – such as a release date, a cover, and all the fun stuff. This week – getting down to editing. Part of me is dreading it a bit, the process is sure to induce quite a few groans and head-shakes, with thoughts of “What was I thinking?” but it’ll be fun to work with these two again.