Cover Reveal! Warrior’s Wrath

I’m so happy to share the gorgeous cover for my upcoming release, Warrior’s Wrath. I’ve spoken of this book before, it’s the second medieval in the Warrior’s series, about strong and dominating men from the 13th and 14th centuries, and the women they (try to) tame. I’m currently close to finishing the third book in the series, which is actually a re-written version of the very first medieval book I ever wrote (might have mentioned that before too). And yes, there are more to come! 😉

In any case, Warrior’s Wrath is scheduled to be released on January 31, 2014, from Pink Flamingo Publications. Here’s the cover – isn’t she beautiful?

Here’s the preliminary blurb:

In 14th century England, a long-kept secret upends Rowan Langley’s life. His anger sends him on a quest to discover the truth behind the lies he’s been told. Determined to avoid such betrayal again, he trusts no one and lets his wrath guide him and keep others from getting close, except fellow knight Gerard, his only ally.
Aeron Dawkyns is running for her life – fleeing Wales and a false charge of murder. Forced to live in the street and pickpocket to save enough money to travel to England where her brother can help her, she steals coin from Rowan. Though she at first escapes capture, her luck runs out when Rowan catches her attempting to steal his horse. He offers her a choice – sexual slavery to himself and Gerard, or be handed over to the sheriff to be hanged. To stay alive, she agrees to Rowan’s deal, never expecting the torment she will endure.
As the days pass, Aeron finds serving a bitter and angry Rowan has dark pleasures of its own, pleasures she soon learns to crave. For the first time in months, she feels safe, despite the wicked and torturous games the two knights play with her body. But when Rowan insists on dragging her back into Wales, she fears that safety will be utterly destroyed at the end of a hangman’s noose.
When Rowan learns of Aeron’s plight, he vows to help hunt down those who have falsely charged her. He promises to protect her, and keep her, using the debt she still owes as his reason. But how can he keep her safe when he fears he is no better than the brutal enemy who wants her hanged? He has come to crave his slave’s touch, as much as he craves her heart and never wants to let her go.
Staying with Rowan becomes Aeron’s heart’s desire – but could very well mean the end of her life.
Includes: Bondage, spanking, multiple partners and anal sex
As we get closer to release day, I will share more info, and watch for some upcoming events I have planned around that time.

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