Warrior’s Vengeance – Available Today!

Today is release day for Warrior’s Vengeance. I’m very excited about this book – my CP’s know the trials and tribulations I went through. Lol 
This book is grittier and a bit darker in tone than other titles, It’s what I like best about it – I didn’t hold anything back (okay, maybe a little – gotta save something for another book, right?) and let Marissa and Ian go at it! I had fun with most of it, other times I was left a bit drained. Mostly I had a blast writing the book, though. I’ve mentioned before about the extreme reactions I’ve received. While the positive reactions were awesome, the negatives spurred me to think about using a warning for those who might not be comfortable with some of the scenes, and I’ve done so in a few places. Having said all that, I must also say publishing it is certainly the best validation. 😀
Aside from the sexual content, another reason I enjoyed writing Warrior’s Vengeance is because of its time period. I am a big fan of that time – I’ve written two other books that take place during the reign of Edward I, and I consider them the prequels to Warrior’s Vengeance. I’m considering rewriting them, and I have a basic outline for a sequel, with the main character one of the minor ones from Warrior’s Vengeance.
Back on point, romances from the period beginning with 1066 and the Norman invasion through about the time when Robert The Bruce defeated the English take up quite a lot of space on my bookshelves. I’ve read historical romance of all times – the entire range from pre-Viking England to the glory days of the American West (which is probably favorite #2 – how can anyone not drool over hot cowboys?), but always, my heart is drawn to this time, particularly the later Plantagenet years. I also have an extensive library of non-fiction about the period, which makes DH insane when I start pulling them out to research something! For some reason, all the romance books I read that took place in that period always seemed to draw me deeper into them, and I could picture everything so vividly, I was enraptured until the end, and at that point, probably a little disappointed it was over!
A couple of favorites are of course Kathleen Woodiwiss’ The Wolf and the Dove. I can still see the scene where Aislynn is sure she’s lost her son, and she’s crying to Wulfgar. It still brings tears to my eyes. The Conqueror by Brenda Joyce. Rolfe is positively abominable to Ceidre but you can’t help rooting for them, even during some of the most torturous interactions and events. Johanna Lindsey wrote some marvelous ones, and all the Catherine Coulter’s Song series books in the house are rather weathered!
Anyway, here are the cover and blurb for Warrior’s Vengeance, and the link as well, for those who are interested in checking it out. It will be on Amazon as well, I’ll keep you posted. For those of you who enjoy this type of gritty sexual tale, I hope you like this book too! Leave a comment about some of your favorite historical romances, and I’ll reward a random commenter with a copy.

Near the Scottish border during the reign of Edward I, Marissa Langley, daughter of a powerful English earl is captured by a band of marauding Scotsmen. Completely at their mercy, she is desperate to escape. When the leader of the group saves her from certain rape, she believes she will be freed.
But Ian MacCallum is no savior. He takes her for his own, seduces her then makes her a submissive. Her collar and chains are part of his vengeance on her father—the man Ian claims is responsible for the death of his beloved wife and son.
But her immediate death is not Ian’s plan. He subjects her to daily suffering and punishments and goes so far as sharing her with another clansman. Yet, her spirit will not be broken. He finds himself drawn to that core of strength within her; finding it most exquisite as it cannot be violated.
When danger from within his clan threatens her, Ian protects her, discovering at the same time that he does not want to lose her, ever.
Marissa makes her own discovery: she comes to crave Ian’s torturous touch. When she learns the source of his hatred, she is certain he is wrong. Her father would not commit atrocities. She waits for the moment when she can escape and prove her father’s innocence. But that would mean leaving Ian when she is no longer sure she wants to be free.
Includes: Bondage, collars, spanking, multiple partners and so much more!