Day Four – Noble Authors Blog Tour – Cherie De Sues

Today, I am delighted to host Chérie De Sues here at my blog. As you can see from her bio, she’s quite accomplished and extremely talented! And her books are red hot!
Chérie De Sues is a “critically acclaimed” and “award winning” author of thrillers, paranormal and contemporary suspense romances from sensual to sizzling heat levels. When Chérie takes a break from writing novels, you can find her at book signings, online, or traveling to research her next novel. She shares her home in San Diego, California, with her Irish terrier, Reilly.
Welcome, Chérie! I’m so excited to hear about “The Seduction of Simone.” I’ve got it loaded on my Reader as a matter of fact, and I’m looking forward to reading it!
“Merry meet Gianna,
I’m thrilled to be on tour with a stopover on your fabulous website! Although I write contemporary suspense and thrillers on occasion, my focus has been on paranormal suspense and pagan paranormal stories for the last year. Many of my pagan friends wanted stories with believable characters and situations that might face a Wiccan, Gypsy, Wizard, Druid, Witch or Fae. Since I’m a witch, I jumped right in with both feet!
In the highly erotic novel, “The Seduction of Simone”, readers will find paranormal and pagan elements throughout the book. Here’s a blurb:
Simone Devereaux has inherited an estate on the Northern California coast after her Aunt Celeste meets with a sudden, mysterious death. The hot neighbor, Trent Grayson, insists Celeste was murdered, and wants to be more than the man-next-door.
When clients arrive to pose for their nude portraits over the weekend, Simone realizes she’s inherited more than an estate. Two randy poltergeists enter her dreams for a lusty ménage, and a budding serial killer threatens her sanity.
Now her Wiccan mother and gypsy father are coming for a visit, just in time to watch Simone lose her heart . . . and possibly her life.
I really enjoyed writing this novel so much, I started, “West Salem” and have just finished editing this novel that will start a trilogy of stand-alone novels. I wanted to represent each pagan in the village as a real person, with erotic romance, ritual and a relentless enemy.
I have an alter ego and pen name for my nonfiction book, “Spellcaster: Book of Magic” by Rose Embyrs. For all your pagan or interested readers, they may enjoy the website at where they can read a portion of this book and enter “Irish Gypsy’s Parlor”. I’ve actually seen people enter the parlor and never come out. LOL The parlor is a fabulous world of the Fae, Gypsy lore, witchcraft and the supernatural. Enter at your own risk.”
I have to say, that sounds like a lot of fun! You can bet I’ll be stopping by for sure! I’m getting chills already – good chills! J
“I write a column in the Pagan Pages Magazine under Rose Embyrs and the HUB under the same name, filled with spells and witchcraft magick. I belong to a circle and practice solo too, I love hearing from other pagans on my facebook page,
Wow, Cherie! I’m impressed with all that you do – how do you find the time? I’m not a pagan, but I do love learning about it.
I’ve really enjoyed spending ti”me with you and hope your readers will stop by my author website at and read the first chapters of my novels, sign up for a contest and watch some book videos! Speaking of book video trailers, here’s “The Seduction of Simone”. Many blessings, Cherie De Sues )0(
Thank you so much for stopping by Cherie, it was a delight to have you today – I am looking forward to getting lost in Simone’s story, it looks absolutely riveting!
Here’s where you can find Cherie on the web: 
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