Late Winners Announcement

So last week we wrapped up the Noble Authors Blog Tour. We also have our grand prize winner of the Eden Fantasy $100 gift voucher.  To recap, here are the winners of copies of Healing the Mage:
From Bianca Sommerland’s Blog: Mara
From Mindy MacKay’s Blog: TraceyD
And the grand prize winner of the Eden Fantasy $100 gift voucher is: Mara J Brandon! Congratulations, Mara – you had a great week!
And congratulations to all the winners on the tour and a huge, heartfelt thanks for everyone who participated. It truly was a successful and fun event, and I so enjoyed meeting readers and other authors along the way. I look forward to doing this again.
I’m behind on getting emails and the like to everyone, so be patient with me as I catch up. I’m still missing my computer, and stuck doing everything on my work laptop, which has been starting to subtly protest my overwork of it. In fact, as I type this, I have a backup going on this hard drive to ensure if this one dies, at least I won’t lose all of my files.
Have a great week everyone!