Free Kink for your Kindle!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Claimed by the Devil, Book 1 of The Bayou Magiste Chronicles, is free in the Kindle store this weekend. So make sure to grab a copy for yourself before the price goes back up on Monday

Helene Gaudet finds the perfect Dom in an internet chat room. It’s as if he can read her mind – and he knows how to make her beg. When they agree to meet in the real world, Helene realizes why her Dom knows her so well – he is none other than Devlin Marchand, the same man who handed her over years ago to a dark sorcerer – to be killed.
She thought she was free from suffering – including a rageful ex-husband who cursed her, leaving her unable to bear children. She wants to forget the past – but her lust for Devlin is so intense after each tormenting, releasing encounter, she doesn’t want to leave him.
Devlin wants to repair his past wrongs – but guilt over his past betrayal is multiplied when he learns the curse that has dogged Helene for years comes from the trove of magic created by his very own family. Devlin fears the tentative relationship they’ve built will be destroyed – and he cannot allow that.
Can they overcome the past to have a future together?

Happy Mother’s Day – and a New Release

To all of my wonderful family members and friends who are moms and are celebrating today, I wish you a lovely day filled with fun and relaxation. Let the men do it all today!

In other news, in case you haven’t yet heard, Prince of the Universe was released this past Friday, May 11. I’m super excited about this book because it’s my first sci-fi and super nervous because it’s my first sci-fi! If that makes any sense. In any case, I really had a lot of fun with this tale, I love the characters, and I really got to stretch what I thought I knew about the skies around us and billions of miles away. On the other hand, while working on this book, I realized how lacking my knowledge is about the skies around us and billions of miles away!

I’m not a sci-fi buff, I freely admit it. So there’s probably a lot in here that breaks rules of  physics and all that. But I suppose, when you think about it, we don’t really know everything about everything, as advanced and knowledgeable as we are as a race. Any number of variations of living beings beyond our comprehension of the known universe is possible. So I hold tight to that for reassurance.  I just let my mind follow its path – if I like an idea, I can usually come up with some way to make it somewhat plausible.

Anyway, back to the book – here’s the lovely cover:

Here’s the blurb:

Merry Alexander found sanctuary in western Pennsylvania from a dangerous former lover, who turned out to be an alien from another planet. Prince Vega of Aldarra has spent several years journeying across the universe, fleeing the enemy who killed his father and invaded and conquered his planet. In the final stages of his plans to return and take back his home, Vega lands on Earth.

Merry’s solitude and fragile sense of safety are shattered when another alien, Prince Vega, walks into her country store.  At first terrified, Merry soon finds herself attracted to the arrogant and sexy alien demanding her assistance. She realizes her enemy and Vega’s are the same, and can’t refuse the prince’s request for help. Yet, when Vega goes so far as to claim her as his mate, she is determined to resist. Soon, she finds herself torn between wanting Vega out of her safe and quiet life and the desire to go to Aldarra and submit to him as his queen. But first, the battle of their lives looms ahead.

I really enjoyed getting to know both of these characters- Merry makes me laugh, and Vega is one of my typical arrogant alpha-males, but being out of his element puts him at a disadvantage. Not that it stops him from taking charge, but Merry certainly doesn’t make it easy on him.

I have plans for at least one more tale in this world – the characters whose story I am planning to tell were introduced in Prince of the Universe. I have the basic bare bones of what I would like to happen – of course, my characters tend to do what they want, so we’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, enjoy Merry and Vega’s story. You can get it directly from Renaissance Sizzler Editions, and also at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Read an E-book Week!

It’s Read an E-book Week! There are all kinds of things going on to mark this event, you can find out more about them here:
I hadn’t really planned anything for the week –last week was insane! Not only did I return to work after a wonderful week off, softball season started at the high school last week (daughter), the elementary school held their annual Theater Week (son). The day job was brutal – filled with webinar training on our new products. The significance of this week totally slipped my mind in all the mania. Until today, when thankfully, Twitter and a few other of my hangouts reminded me. Thanks everyone! So in honor of Read an E-book Week, I thought I’d talk about how to read an e-book.
I run into a lot of people who have no idea exactly what an e-book is. They ask me, “But how can I read it if it’s not an actual book?” There’s the first misconception – that because a book is digital, it’s not really a book. The old “if it doesn’t have paper pages, it’s not a book” argument. So I launch into my standard explanation: “Of course it’s a real book. It has characters, a plot, and a well-written story. Just because it’s in a different format, doesn’t make it any less a book.” And that 100,000 words I wrote – they’re just as real as anything I’d submit to a print publisher.
The next argument I usually get is that without a reader, a person can’t read e-books. Again, not true. Barnes & Noble has a free Nook application for your PC. If you have a computer, you can read any e-book – most are available in pdf format, which almost everyone can utilize, or there are, like B&N, applications to read e-books on your computer. If you have a smart phone, or a tablet, you can read e-books on those, as well. Seeing the comprehension clearing the blank stare is always an exciting moment. They understand! Hurray! lol
The conversation usually changes at that point – now they want to know what sorts of books are available in digital formats? The answer is – just about every single one. Almost every print book has an e-format counterpart available for purchase. Sometimes the digital format comes after the print release, sometimes at the same time. It varies – for lots of reasons. With publishers who are primarily e-publishers, obviously the focus is on the e-formats for the books, but many e-publishers also offer certain titles in POD (Print On Demand) format. The requirements for a book to be made available in POD vary by publisher.
The question I always get next is which reader I have. I prefer the Sony myself. The newest version is fantastic, has wireless functionality and so far, has an excellent battery life, loads fast and has lots of new features for notes and such. I actually do my editing/revisions on my books using the Reader. The pricing has gotten better as well – the Sony website currently shows a list price of $129. I know there are those who swear by their Kindle, or their Nook. I’ve never had either, so can’t speak to that, but there are benefits to each device. It depends on what you want and what you need. But the biggest selling point for an e-reader always seems to be how many books it can hold. I hold up my slim pink Reader and proudly declare I have over 300 books on it at any given time. The understanding has now evolved into pure excitement. Telling a person who loves to read that they can carry that many books at the same time is like letting a kid loose in a toy store!
The portability of the e-reader is also a huge conversion selling point – you can carry it in your purse and read anywhere you happen to have a few minutes of downtime.  Hey, I’ve been known to read the back of a cereal box in a pinch and know many others like that. The evolution of e-readers has been a godsend to people like us! I am never without something to read anymore. On line at the inspection station, on breaks at work, waiting in a doctor’s office, or to pick up kids. I pull it out and read a few pages where I can.
So tell me what reader you prefer and why. Do you have more than one? I know plenty of people who do. What turned you on to your reader of choice?  I’ll be giving away a copy of one of my current titles to a random commenter – your choice of titles! You’ll be all set to Read an E-book this week!


So everyone loves their Kindle, or Nook. I get that. I’ve never had one. People might think that odd, eh, since I write primarily e-books, but it’s just that I am loyal. I am a huge fan of my Sony E-Reader. There are a few reasons for that, and my friends know why, and it probably won’t be too hard for anyone else to figure out why. J  It’s a fact, and it won’t change. I love my little pink Pocket Reader, it’s worked phenomenally for over two years, and I can’t imagine ever being without it.
Since it is a couple years old, I’ve been thinking about replacing it. The newer models are fantastic, with great features, but the price/timing hasn’t been right. Until now! Sony is coming out with a brand new Reader WiFi, the lightest ever, coming in at under 6 ounces, with a 6” touchscreen. It has the finger swiping, to mimic turning a page in a paper book, WiFi (of course!) and the capability to notate with a stylus or your finger. The best part? It’s going to be priced somewhere around $150.
The model’s not going to be available until October. The release is coinciding with the launch of Pottermore, the new Harry Potter site that Sony is partnering in. To commemorate that, they are going to have a special limited edition Harry Potter version, which I simply must have. The thinking was to pass my older unit down to my daughter, since she wants one so desperately, but at that price, I think I’ll have to buy two. She’s almost as much of an HP fan as I am, though she prefers those ginger Weasley twins, while I am a Malfoy girl through and through, which makes her absolutely want to tear her hair out! I should expect that though – she is a teenager and I am her mother. Something would be wrong otherwise! lol

Anyway, here’s a link with some more details:   Now if October would just hurry up and get here already!