Release Day – Claimed by the Devil

I am so excited to share the news that Claimed by the Devil, Book 1 in the Bayou Magiste Chronicles is out now! This book is very special to me, for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, it was my first foray into erotic BDSM romance. Second, as some people may know, it started in a way that I never really shared very vocally – as a fan fiction. I was testing myself in a few ways and decided to take a shot at it that way. Ultimately, it worked out well, so I took my plot and re-created the tale, with a new world and new characters.
It wasn’t an easy road to get the story out there, but I did. Not to mention, I made changes to the story based on what those who were supposed to know better told me, even though I had an uneasy feeling about it. Anyone reading this now probably knows how that all worked out. 😉
Anyway, when things finally turned in the right direction, I was able to rewrite Devlin and Helene’s story the way it was truly meant to be told. And now I can share it again. I am so excited about it.
Here’s the beautiful cover. Both of them have really been captured so well here:

Helene Gaudet is finally free of her past—including a rage-filled ex-husband whose curse has left her unable to have children. Helene shares the agony of those memories with no one—certainly not with a Marchand.

Her lonely life is upended when she encounters who she believes is her perfect Dom in an Internet chat room. To her shock, her Dom is none other than Devlin Marchand, the very person who handed her over to a dark sorcerer to be killed. Yet Devlin proves himself to be a loving Master, and lust and love grow with each tormenting, releasing, encounter.

But guilt over his past betrayal is multiplied when he learns the curse that has dogged his lover for years comes from the trove of magic created by his very own family. Devlin fears all he has built with Helene will be destroyed. Can they overcome the past to have a future together?

Here’s a link to more info about the book and where it’s available now.

I have some very exciting things planned for the coming months, to celebrate having all the Marchands together – and they are just the beginning of the Magiste Chronicles! I’ll be sharing all the details as I get them.