April Showers bring May… showers?

It’s May. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm now, yet, we’ve still got more than our fair share of clouds and rain before it finally clears the way for some of those flowers the nursery rhyme talks about.
But I’m very excited about May this year – because with it comes something new and exciting. Started by my friend and fellow author, Shoshanna Evers, I’m participating in the May 50K. Basically, it’s the same thing as NANO, but for May. I’m really excited about participating – I tend to do really well when I just sit and write, at least as far as getting a first draft completed. For NANO, I completed a draft at about 53K total, but would have done more if I hadn’t gotten such a late start and missed the entire first week of the month. This time, I don’t have any huge plans to interfere, and if the first couple of days are any indication, I am off to a decent start.
There are two WIP’s that I am focusing on, actually. My medieval, which is complete – as far as a first draft, anyway. I am currently revising that one, and have been adding scenes here and there. But my main project will be the first of my sci-fi themed books, as I may have mentioned before. I did very well on Sunday , adding over another 2K to that ms, another 1K early in the week and I have the entire plot outlined – very basic, no details yet. Literally just a list of events that need to occur. If all goes well, and I have my computer back this week, as they have assured me I will, I’ll really be able to get cracking and make some serious headway into that manuscript. I’m having fun discovering the kinds of powers Vega has, and I’ve even surprised myself with how he interacts with elements native to our planet. Plus, his race does have the ability to use mind-bending control over others. Odd thing is, I’ve learned it can also be done unintentionally, if the feelings and desires are strong enough. Merry is finding that out, and boy, is she pissed. A confrontation is a-brewing! Lol  For now, I’m calling it Prince of the Universe – a nod to my love of all things Highlander (movies, TV series, etc.)
I really am having a blast with this story, yet, at the same time, I am also having a blast reworking Marissa and Ian’s story, so he doesn’t come off as such a cold-hearted brute. He never really was, but it’s time to make his conflicting emotions more clear. The poor man’s gonna be run through the wringer before I get done with him. Nothing like bringing an arrogant alpha male to his knees, though, he’ll never totally lose his arrogance and need to control. Does any man, really, fictional or otherwise? Besides, to me, that edge is what I love most about my heroes. They may be laid low by their soul mate, willing to do whatever it takes to keep and protect her, but they’ll never give up the part of them that makes them, IMO, so hot. The confidence of a man who knows what he wants, how to get it, knows how damn good he is at it, and won’t take no for an answer, just leaves me weak in the knees.
So stay tuned as the month progresses – you’ll get some glimpses into my upcoming work, as well as get to see some serious moments of insanity. First example, I’ve begun sketching out the next book in Prince’s world – nuts, I know! This will be about Vega’s brother Reygar, who is possibly even more arrogant and controlling than his brother. He won’t admit why, but what sends him off on his own private mission is an appealing Earth woman. I know it’s because he can’t resist her, despite her initial terror on meeting him and general shyness. Plus, she’s a real klutz, and has managed to drop a heavy box on his foot, smack her head into his, and knock him down the stairs. Even after all the battles he’s fought, poor Reygar has more bruises now.