Getting Close Now – RWA11

Another crazy week gone by, but this one is filled with excitement! Next week, RWA is holding its National Conference in New York City. I’ve been to National a couple of times – whenever it’s in New York. Going any other time has been difficult to justify, due to the high costs involved, conference fee, airfare, hotel. Not to mention, the conference usually takes place the week of my annual family vacation (that warrants its own separate post).  So logistically, I can rarely make it work. This year helps as well because it’s early this year. However, that had a glitch of its own – we hold an annual July 4th bash, usually the weekend of. But that is being cancelled for the first time in 19 years because I’m going to National!
This is my first time as a published author. The last time I went, in 2003, I was shopping my vampire book, The Taste of Magic. It had done well on the contest circuit, finaling in contests several times, and I pitched it to Dorchester. Sadly, that book didn’t go anywhere at the time, it took another three years before I finally contracted it in 2006.  But I remember having a great time at the conference, seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a while, some I’d only ever met online. I networked, I partied, I learned.
Now, I’m going to experience it from the other side. I’m looking forward to my “First Sale” ribbon on my badge, I’m looking forward to participating in the literacy autographing, and I am very excited to see and meet old and new friends. There are a few parties I’ll be attending, which I love, because they serve a dual purpose. You can have fun and network at the same time. I find it much easier to chat without the constraints of a set time-limited pitch. I’m less nervous, and I get to drink at the parties! lol And there are some really great workshops I’m eagerly anticipating. I volunteered to moderate one, and they assigned me to the Time Management one. Perfect for me! I’m looking forward to learning from some of my colleagues and authors who I am a fan of. And yes, I can guarantee, the fangirly moments will occur. I can’t help myself. One of my all time favorite fangirl encounters was when Carly Phillips and I stalked Catherine Coulter in NYC in 1993 (or 1994 – somewhere back in the early 90’s). There’ll be more moments like that this year, I am sure.
I’ve even signed up for editor and agent pitches. I’m not sure I really need or want an agent at this point, but there were a couple who interested me with their views and experience in the publishing world, so I thought I’d take a chance and take advantage of all my options. As for an editor appointment, I’ll admit part of that was because I am looking forward to meeting the editor I signed up with, but the book I’ll be pitching is a tricky one. The set-up for the story is a bit unconventional and while I certainly am free to submit at anytime without a prior pitch, I wanted the opportunity to actually discuss the possibilities with said editor. I do much better talking about my books than I do trying to condense it into a 2-page or less synopsis. Any one of my critique partners can tell you I suck at writing synopses, and like many, many authors I know, I despise having to do them.
So who else will be there? If you’re going to be there, I’d love to say hi face-to-face, so let me know.
See you there!

Happy Easter

Another week gone by, and Easter is here. Passover is about over – hope my friends who celebrate had an enjoyable one. It feels like it was Christmas just yesterday, the months are flying by at breakneck speed.
This was the third week of the Noble Authors Blog Tour. For those of you who have been following the tour, thank you for your support and excitement over this super fun event. I’ve had a wonderful time hosting and guesting and meeting new readers and fellow writers. Thank you to JS Wayne and Indigo Skye for being here at my blog this week, and thanks also to Justine Elyot and Cherie De Sues for hosting me. There’s still another week of the tour left, so don’t forget to stop be again and visit with next week’s guests.
Here is a recap of the winners this week of a copy of Healing the Mage:
From Justine Elyot’s Blog: Anne
From Cherie De Sues’ Blog: Dawn
And the winner of the $20 All Romance Gift Certificate is Tracey D.
Congratulations ladies!
In other news, my computer has a defective motherboard. And they want more to fix it than it cost me to begin with two years ago! However, in looking back, I realize that this board has been slowly dying for some time, since right around Christmas (wow, that came up twice in one post!). Anyway, the sluggishness, hanging up for seconds or minutes at a time, failure to recognize USB connected devices, all this has been going on for months. I would shut down programs, log off other users, run virus scans, and restart the machine, and it would be fine for a couple of weeks. Then it would start again, and I would go through the whole process again, and it would be fine again. The last incident resulted in the machine not powering up again.
The way I see it, this is covered under the two year extended service plan, since the failure began in December. So now I am in the middle of wrangling to get them to pay for this repair. I just want my computer back – I cannot get into a solid writing groove using my work laptop, and it’s killing me. Especially since I am fired up to work on my medieval. Tuesday’s critique group was very productive for me, and I have some major re-arranging to do. I’m going to attempt to hook up a real keyboard to the laptop and see if that helps, but I don’t have my lovely 20″ screen to view, since my PC is an all-in-one. I’m going to have to increase my view to 150% to be able to see my words properly. Especially since my eyes are rapidly getting worse – the OTC magnifiers are getting to the point they don’t work much anymore.
Update – since I did not document any symptoms prior to the failure and contract expiration, it won’t be covered.  I am supposed to get a hefty discount on the service, I’m still waiting for that. Some employee consideration, eh?
I’m hoping this week starts out well – much like today. Sunny (for now) and warm and all kinds of fun. It finally, actually feels like Spring today. Though they are calling for the chance of rain later on – what a surprise. My little guy has been up, much earlier than usual for a Sunday, of course, anxiously awaiting his older sister to join him so he can hunt for Easter eggs. He’s hopping around more than any rabbit! Lol I need to tell him to conserve his energy, it’s going to be a long and hectic day!
I am just grateful I don’t have to attend this month’s trade show – everyone’s leaving today for Florida for the week. I’m more than content to avoid airplanes and airports for the next few months. It’ll be October before I fly again – to Orlando. Though I will admit, several nights with a hotel room (and bed) all to myself is a luxury I do savor! I will get to enjoy that little delight again at the end of June, when I attend the RWA National conference in NYC. But I’m driving in, since I live so close, no planes this time around. I’m very much looking forward to that – it’s been a while since I attended National, and I always have so much fun. This year will be extra special, since I now have two titles and the anthology to promote. I hope to get to meet face-to-face some of my fellow authors whom I’ve gotten to know online. And that bed all to myself! lol
One last reminder – the Noble Authors Blog Tour picks up again this week, on WEDNESDAY. So be sure to stop by, we have more prizes and fun. And the grand prize, a voucher to Eden Fantasy, is up for grabs. So be sure to comment so you can be eligible to win!
Happy Easter and I’ll see you on the tour this week!