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To kick off this exciting tour, I am thrilled to welcome H.C. Brown, a multi published, award winning, highly credited author of Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Historical and Contemporary Romance.  Having read several of her books, I can attest that H.C. is the author of some amazing, and super hot, tales. She has a real gift for weaving deep emotions into her stories, I can vouch for that! J
H.C. currently lives in Australia and she believes every story should have a happy ending. I agree with that 100%. 
On that note, I’m going to turn it over to H.C., and she will talk about writing fantasy romance, and we’ve got a really nice excerpt of her latest release as well.
Why Do I Write Fantasy?
I enjoy living in a fantasy world deep inside my stories. In truth, I believe in faeries . .  I wish I could tell you why. J I love magyck and having the fortune to be born into in a family of gypsies with exceptional psychic powers; my mind is open to all possibilities. The day of my birth, my father held me up to the stars and asked all the good spirits to watch over me.
 Many people make claims to be of the gypsies. We are a secretive people not prone to publicity.  I may tell you a little about my true self. My mother’s family goes back to the Bunni tribe in England. My father can trace his lines back to the Norman Conquest. We females still carry the distinctive royal blue eye color of the originals, not the brown of the invaders from Europe. One female in each generation inherits the gift.
I have seen true magyck, witnessed, experienced and created the thrill of many things too strange to tell. There is no evil in pure magyck. I feel sorry for the unbelievers, those who live in a world without seeing the magyck flowing around them; although it is not my place explain such things.
Magyck does not bring great wealth or success but it does bring happiness. There are many charlatans who extract money from people claiming they are Gifted. Those of the truly Gifted, give their knowledge freely—for it is in the giving that we gain true happiness.
Shifters & Demons by H.C. Brown
Paranormal Erotic Romance

Blurb: When bad boy alpha, Prince Dallin and his lover, Stryker, go 2000 years into the past to rescue Lailii, a Spellweaver, they didn’t plan on being captivated by the petite, delicate female.
Strong willed and determined to survive, Lailii has no option but to go with the two stunningly handsome men. Within hours, she finds herself in a world of big cat shifters and sizzling, uninhibited sex. Betrayed by a king to whom she owes no loyalty, she struggles to survive and acclimate herself in a strange, new land. And when a demon follows Lailii into the future, Dallin and Stryker must work together to keep their new lover safe.
Stryker followed Dallin from the great hall. His stomach unclenched. Lady’s blood, he had met King Leopold. The leader of all the Prides within the lands of the Twelve Gates had accepted him into his home. The days of sneaking from the barracks to meet Dallin were over. Gods, be praised.
With a grin, he took in the man walking beside him. The crown prince was the epitome of a Vane, the ruling Pride of white tiger shifters. Massive in build, he walked with authority. Black hair fell like water to brush his shoulders The silken mass framed a face only a god could have created, to hold amethyst eyes flecked with green and silver opalescence. Stryker’s gaze dropped from Dallin’s broad shoulders to his trim waist, and then down to strong thighs cased in a skintight material, woven by the Fae to resemble leather. He knew the feel of those strong thighs pressing against him. One whiff of his lover’s unique scent sent him into rapture. He touched his lips at the memory of Dallin’s demanding kiss. The taste of the prince lingered on his tongue.
“Do you mind if I see her alone?” Dallin stopped at the top of a flight of stairs. “I have some crawling to do.”
Drawn from his thoughts, Stryker blinked. He cleared his throat and met Dallin’s gaze. “Sure. I’ll hang around and wait. What do you think the king has planned for us at the waterfall?”
“I’m guessing hot, pride females and a ménage ceremony.” Dallin winked.      “My father may be old but he does encourage us to have frequent sex with a variety of females. How else would a male learn to cope with a female in Moonfire? One needs experience. It’s the same in most Prides.”
Stryker nodded in agreement. “I agree, but it’s after the mating that troubles me. My father insists all will be well, but do you honestly believe one female will satisfy us both?”
“After we bite our chosen mate and she us, all desire for another will fade.” Dallin placed a hand on Stryker’s shoulder. “It is the Lady’s way. Once our childseed is released we are bound to one female for life.”
They moved along a passageway with windows down one side. At the end, two guards stood to attention. The open door to the king’s solar revealed a      large, opulent room. The queen sat beside a massive, marble fireplace, her feet encased in red slippers supported by a large, blue silk cushion. She glanced toward the door, and her face creased in a wide smile. Dallin threw a mischievous grin at Stryker and strode into the room, closing the door behind him.
The guards’ stony expressions remained neutral; only their eyes flicked toward Stryker. He turned and rested his head on the windowpane. His breath clouded the view of the spectacular rose garden below. With a sigh, he straightened his shoulders and looked out on the familiar landscape. So much had happened since his father sent him to train as a warrior in the king’s army. Well, in truth, the king offered him the chance to ride with the elite Vane Patrol after he defeated six of his warriors in a mock battle. Stryker grinned. At eighteen, he thought he was invincible—until he met Dallin.
Friendship followed the long training sessions at Vane Castle. Stryker’s heart missed a beat. The memory of becoming Dallin’s lover was still fresh      in his mind. He grew hard, and turned away from the guards. Hell, that night      had branded his lust meter for all time. Okay, like most Pride males of their age, they liked to share females, rolling off one and then onto the other. That night, only one female came to Dallin’s bedchamber. The thrill of them taking her, both at the same time, had blown his mind. The first brush of thighs, the touch of cock against cock, and then the first hot, wet kiss had sealed their fate.
1100 After Arious
Dragon’s Gate
“I will not allow the Butcher of Anwyn to capture my bride.” Prince Darik gathered up the reins of his prancing horse and glared at Lailii. “Do something, Spellweaver.”
Lailii gathered her magyck about her and gazed intently at the cloud of dust surrounding the oncoming, mutant warriors. Heat shimmered across the desert sands, turning the approaching army into ethereal beings. She turned to her prince. “Yes, your majesty. Have no fear. I will ensure you have a safe journey to Mulway.”
“See that you do.” The prince nodded curtly, turned his horse, and motioned to his small contingent of men to retreat.
In the distance, the Butcher of Anwyn rode proudly before a battalion of the undead. With each second, the Army of Lost Souls moved closer. Even now, Lailii could see the red and yellow colors of the Butcher’s standard. The ground trembled. Above, the sky darkened. Swirling sand had turned the twin, midday suns to blood red. A bad omen that heralded death and terror. Lailii’s heart raced. Her magyck would hold the Butcher less than an hour. She took one last glance over her shoulder at the prince she had vowed to protect. He and his princess would be safe, but she would make the ultimate sacrifice.
With a toss of her head, Lailii opened her arms. Goddess, give me strength. Magyck crackled in the air. Dark Light shot from her fingertips. The smoky streamers fell over the soldiers, snuffing out all sense of direction, sight, and sound. The Army of Lost Souls ground to a confused halt.
As each long minute dragged by, Lailii knew the prince moved closer to the safe haven of Mulway. She bit her bottom lip and held her ground. With her nightscape, she gazed into the black void. The Butcher’s men walked in circles or crawled in terror, mouths open in silent screams. Just a little longer and my prince will be out of harm’s way. Her arms ached and her concentration waned. The constant flow of magyck drained her life force.
Without warning, the dark light collapsed, and the roar of the Army of Lost Souls beat down on her. The beasts would kill her and feast on her remains. Praying the intense spell would take her life, she gazed into the twisted faces growing closer by the second. The desert folded in on her, and she collapsed over the neck of her horse.
“You will not die today, Lailii of the Tark.” The Butcher of Anwyn grabbed a handful Lailii’s hair, dragged her from the horse, and threw her to the ground. “Lord Passio will grant me passage into the Underworld in exchange for you, Spellweaver.”
In terror, Lailii kicked out at the man. She gagged at the smell pouring from his putrid mouth. Mutants surrounded her, blocking escape. The Butcher moved closer. An extra eye protruded from his cheek, flitting from side to side. She lifted her face to the twin suns to absorb a fraction of their power. Just a little magyck would gain her an advantage. The Butcher reached out one gnarled finger. Lailii scrambled to her feet. “Take your hands off me. I belong to Prince Darik.”
“Oh, we are going to have so much fun with you. It will be some time before Lord Passio arrives.” The Butcher pushed Lailii toward his men. “Hold her.”
Lailii screamed. Strong hands tore at her clothes. She fought to find the power for one small spell to use against the disgusting beasts. The Butcher approached, stroking a huge, twin-headed cock, the massive, purple tips dripping with pre-cum. The mutants’ misshapen hands dragged her legs apart and cheered encouragement to their leader.
The Butcher moved his twisted body between her legs. Lailii bucked to avoid the stream of drool leaking from the leader’s mouth. The man grinned and bent to lick her exposed nipple, his long, pointed tongue circling the tip. Goddess, help me. Lailii drew on her diminished powers to send a sting of magyck to her captors. The mutants reacted in shocked surprise and dropped her onto the hot sand. She snarled and met the Butcher’s gaze. “Any male who dares to rape me is cursed. His cock will turn black, shrivel, and fall off. As so I will, so mote it be.”
Chapter One
3,000 years later—4100 After Arious
Lightening Falls Gate
Dallin inhaled the female’s arousal and winked at Stryker. His lover lay on his back across the wide, black silk-covered bed. The sweetest Elfin female straddled his massive cock. They had hit gold this time. The willing female wanted both of them. After watching Stryker drive into her wet pussy for five long minutes, Dallin’s balls ached. He reached for the tube of lube and approached the bed. He ran his tongue over his fangs. “May I have your ass, sweet thing?”
The female shot him a smile over her shoulder and pressed her small tits into Stryker’s chest. Her sweet, white ass cheeks opened in invitation. Dallin groaned and applied lube to her inviting star. The female mewed her approval. Without hesitation, Dallin climbed onto the bed. He grasped his heavy cock and guided it into her tight hole with one thrust of his hips.
Taking a firm hold of her small waist, he drove into her. So damn hot, so deliciously tight. He gasped his thanks. With each plunge, he brushed Stryker’s cock through the thin barrier of skin. What bliss. He met Stryker’s hot gaze and knew they shared the same erotic experience. The touch, the slide of cock against cock, was intoxicating and one they both enjoyed.
Dallin’s climax built quickly. The shivery sensations started in his belly, and the heat deep in his balls intensified with each delightful thrust. The room filled with the slap of bodies and the warm scent of sex. The female began to tremble, and then cried out her climax. She fell forward, spilling chestnut hair across Stryker’s chest.
“Now, Dal.” Stryker squeezed Dallin’s thigh. “I’m gonna come.”
With short, hard thrusts of his hips, Dallin drove into the female. Erotic sensations blurred his vision; white spots danced before his eyes. He gave into the bliss and spilled in delicious, hot spurts. Collapsing forward, he reached for Stryker and crushed the man’s lips in a long, hot kiss. Gods, he loved the taste of the man.
“Oh, that is so sweet.” The female rested her head on Striker’s shoulder. “Can you get up now? You’re crushing me.”
After a long moment, Dallin broke the kiss. He glanced toward the digital readout flashing on the wall and swore. He rolled off the girl. “My father wants to see me.” He looked down at the female. “How much, sweetheart?”
“For a new customer, the price is just one gold strip.” The girl climbed off the bed and took a thumb scanner from her purse. “Each.”
Dallin pressed his thumb on the device and grinned. “We’ll call you again real soon. What was your name?”
“Rose. I work at the Freak Show most days.” She licked her lips and smiled. “I can always bring a friend—male or female.”
“I’ll think on it.” Dallin inclined his head toward the door. “You should leave now.”
“What do you think the king wants?” Stryker slid off the bed and headed for the shower.
Dallin watched the girl pull on a long dress and leave. He closed the door behind her, and then followed Stryker into the shower. Turning to face his friend, he stared at the control panel sending a spike of magyck into the system. “I have no idea.”
“Do you think he wants you to move back into the castle?” Stryker rubbed the back of his neck.
A blast of hot magyck swirled around them, and Dallin sighed. The fresh and clean glass cubicle did not compare to the satisfying experience of a hot shower. He turned around and grinned at his lover. “Well, it has been two years. He might—if he’s forgiven me. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing my brothers again.”
“I’ll miss you.” Stryker touched Dallin’s arm. “You know I can’t gain entrance to Vane Castle; will you come and visit me?”
With a chuckle, Dallin stepped from the cubicle and strode back into the bedroom. He went straight to the wardrobe and pulled out clean clothes. “You don’t really think I could live without you, after three years of being together, do you? You are as close to me as any mate; we care for each other.” He turned and smiled at Stryker. “I won’t move anywhere without you.”
“Good. Do you want me to come to the castle with you?” Stryker stood naked, his fists balled on his hips. “Or do you think the king will disapprove?”
“He knows about you already. We hardly hid the fact we were lovers. We were practically living together in my rooms at the castle.” Dallin pulled on his clothes. “As long he knows I seek a female for my future queen, all will be well. My father had a lover, a Fae male named Sash, who died in the Mirra Uprising not long after I was born.”
“Do you believe the Lady intends to find a mate for us to share?” Stryker pulled clothes from the chest of drawers and proceeded to dress.
Dallin pulled on his soft leather boots. He lifted his head to meet Stryker’s deep, emerald gaze. The Talynx Pride male had the hard, muscular body of a seasoned warrior. Long, golden brown hair tumbled down his back in a waterfall of curls. Dallin loved his full lips, high cheekbones, and long, straight nose. As tall as Dallin, Stryker stood a good head and shoulders above most Pride males.
At the sight of his lover naked, Dallin grew hard again. Gods, I can still taste him. He could never have enough of the man. Dallin cleared his throat. “I have no doubt we were paired by the Lady. We have to trust She will guide us to the female of our dreams.”
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