Not Conducive to Writing

When I started this blog, I wondered what I would talk about, and felt weird using it to talk about me. Yet, that seems to be exactly what happened. Guess I’m not as wary of sharing as I thought I’d be! 🙂
In any case, I suppose the title of this post could refer to any number of things. For me, it’s the actual number of things going on that causes it. Since November, my average per day is running around only several hundred words a day, though I’ve made some editing/revision process on both WIPs. But the crazy life has gotten in the way – my two hours at night have been lackluster, both because I have other, more urgent things that need my attention or I’m so exhausted.
First we had our Disney trip, which is recounted elsewhere on the blog, then my son’s birthday, then the holidays were upon us. Usually a tough time to get writing done between working and prepping for all that, but I tend to make up for it during the week my office closes for winter break. Not this year.
This year’s winter break consisted of prep for my daughter’s Sweet 16 party (which is a few hours away now!). These days, a Sweet 16 is much like a wedding – you rent a hall or catering facility, get a DJ, photographer, flowers, favors and the like. We’re having a candle ceremony, so you need a fancy candelabra (thank you Name With Flame – you bailed my ass out big time!). There’s invitations to send, and logging response cards, then seating arrangements, picking out specific songs (for each candle recipient, the video/photo montage of daughter’s life, and the father/daughter dance), deciding on the menu, and so much more. At least, this has given me some experience for when the day comes to plan a real wedding!
Since January, I’ve made several trips to the pediatrician with both kids – recurring bronchitis, stomach issues, etc. That’s been weighing on me a bit – this season, we’ve so far avoided the flu (only half of us got flu shots) but seem to have been hit with everything else. Was just there again last night and wouldn’t you know, day before the big bash, she’s got bronchitis AGAIN!
Add to all that, the turmoil at the day job. Again, I addressed this in another post, but as each day passes, the fact that I will be losing my job at a company I worked at for 24 years becomes more of a reality. And while I do have excitement about the possibilities, especially as they pertain to my writing, I am also dealing with great sadness. My boss is my friend as well, and has been the best boss I think I’ve ever had. My “little group that could” has been a family outside of the home and we truly enjoy working together (with the exception of a couple batshit crazy ones. I’m sure many of you have seen my tweets of pure frustration and aggravation). It’s a bit freaky knowing that comfort zone will soon be gone. That’s where I go to keep my sanity and my brain sharp – it’s sort of an escape from the home insanity, and the 8 hours a day are just enough to keep a sort-of balance between my various worlds.
So my progress has been minimal on the writing front (I know, in some ways I let it be that way, but my head can only handle so much without exploding), but I am consoling myself with the fact that it IS progress, no matter how slow. One by one, various obstacles will fall away, leaving me with less turmoil to deal with. I’ve lived through periods like this before, and I know how it ends up on the other side – usually with a book or two finished and another one or two underway.
Now THAT’s something to look forward to!