Warrior’s Wrath Blog Tour Winners!

I am pleased to announce the winners of the giveaway from the Warrior’s Wrath Blog Tour.
The Grand prize winner of both Warrior’s books in eformat, swag and a $25 Amazon gift card is:
Jai Gagne
Three other winners also get copies of each Warrior’s book in eformat and some fun goodies. Those winners are:
Lori Kushner-Hayes
Shelly Hammond
Keep an eye on your emails, I’ll be contacting you with more details. 
A big thank you to everyone who came by.  And also thank you to all my hosts. I do appreciate your support, so much.

Belated Happy Halloween and Winners!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. I, for one, am kind of glad it’s over. Well, certain parts anyway. I love the whole atmosphere that goes along with it and the whole autumn season, but the insanity of trick or treating – not so much. Each time seems to get longer and longer that we’re out walking. I’d kill to have the energy level of a 9 year old. Plus, around here, the last few Halloweens were either cancelled or severely limited, so this year, the streets were MOBBED with kids. At least it was warm, there was no snow or electrical wires blocking roads, and the kids had a good time. And that’s what it’s really all about. Though I’ve decided I much prefer staying home and giving out the candy so I can check out all the kids’ costumes.  Much calmer that way.
And on to the really big news:
I’m happy to announce the winners of the Bayou Magiste Blog Tour Giveaway. I’ll also be posting on the individual blogs.
I want to thank everyone who came out and said hello along the way. I’m glad for the chance to have met you. 🙂  And a huge thanks to the blogs who hosted me:

Danita Minnis
Celestial Reviews 
Kristy Centeno 
Crystal’s Many Reviewers 
Dawn’s Reading Nook 
Aspired Writer
Ramblings of a Book Lunatic 

I appreciate you opening your blogs for me and giving me the opportunity to showcase my books to your followers. You guys rock! 😀
And here are the winners:
Sienna Snow
Jana Leah
Michelle Willms
Aprille Shadowspeak
I will be emailing each of you in the next day or so – with ebooks, and info about receiving the swag and goodies, so keep an eye out!
Congratulations to everyone and happy reading!

Late Winners Announcement

So last week we wrapped up the Noble Authors Blog Tour. We also have our grand prize winner of the Eden Fantasy $100 gift voucher.  To recap, here are the winners of copies of Healing the Mage:
From Bianca Sommerland’s Blog: Mara
From Mindy MacKay’s Blog: TraceyD
And the grand prize winner of the Eden Fantasy $100 gift voucher is: Mara J Brandon! Congratulations, Mara – you had a great week!
And congratulations to all the winners on the tour and a huge, heartfelt thanks for everyone who participated. It truly was a successful and fun event, and I so enjoyed meeting readers and other authors along the way. I look forward to doing this again.
I’m behind on getting emails and the like to everyone, so be patient with me as I catch up. I’m still missing my computer, and stuck doing everything on my work laptop, which has been starting to subtly protest my overwork of it. In fact, as I type this, I have a backup going on this hard drive to ensure if this one dies, at least I won’t lose all of my files.
Have a great week everyone!

Winners – and other chit-chat

If you’re here, then you know about the exciting Noble Authors Blog Tour that’s been underway for the last couple of weeks. I’m having a hell of a time visiting all the other blogs and meeting readers and fellow authors. I’ve also added a few books to my wish-list myself! lol  And I want to thank everyone who came by to visit with my guests and leave comments. I’m very happy to see you all and make some new friends!

I thought I’d recap here the winners of copies of Healing the Mage and some swag to accompany it, so here goes:

From my guest post at Indigo Skye’s blog: Jean P
From my guest post at Sarah Ballance’s blog: Andrea I
From my guest post at JS Wayne’s blog: Lucy Felthouse
From my guest post at HC Brown’s blog: The Pick Pack

Congratulations ladies, I’ll be emailing you today or tomorrow with a copy of Healing the Mage.

On to other updates. On the writing front, not much has been going on – last week was an absolutely horrendous week for me and technology. First, my main home computer died. *sob*  Actually, it’s not as bad as I first thought, it appears to be a pwoer problem, rather than anything else, so with fingers crossed, I am awaiting results on diagnostics. The stupid thing was acting sluggish so I shut it down, It never powered up again, and no matter where I took it, there was no power reaching the machine. So back to Sony it goes. The killer – this happened exactly ONE MONTH after my extended service contract expired – to the very day! So I have to pay – even though I’ve worked for Sony for 22 years, there’s no way to get it back under service contract, no assistance at all for me other than paying $150 just to send it in and get a diagnostic. Figures.

The morning after this happened, I get to work and the copy machine is down, so no copying, scanning or sending outside docs electronically through the network. Not five minutes later, the fax machine runs out of toner, though that was an easy fix. The next morning, my boss’s hard drive crashes, and that same day, my blog reset some settings. (I swear the blog did it all on its own!).  To say I was nervous about getting on a plane last week was an understatement. I get nervous enough on my own, I didn’t need this adding to it.

Obviously, there were no issues with the flight. Had a wonderful time in Vegas, even though it was for work, I did manage to get some fun time in. Walked the strip and won enough money to keep playing for a few hours. And I managed to talk up my books to anyone and everyone who would listen – I played my author role rather than my Sony role whenever possible. Handed out a few cards and maybe I’ll get some new readers out of it.

Needless to say, my writing has stalled a bit. I can’t get comfortable writing on my work laptop, and it’s very distracting and aggravating. On the bright side, we’ve purchased a new laptop for the house, and it’s gorgeous. I may try my hand at using that this weekend, but again, we have another crazy busy schedule, so we’ll see how much actual time I have at my disposal. But I’m anxious to get my medieval finished – it needs lots of editing and revision, and I’ve been moving at a snail’s pace. Especially after I got scores back on a contest I entered with it.

Now to be totally honest, I only entered because the category was in danger of being eliminated for being short entries, and I would hate for that to have happened. So I didn’t expect anything, really. When I received the scores, I was floored to see I had scored so high with the first two judges: 109 and 104! Wow, I truly didn’t expect that. I was brought quickly down to earth by the third score – a 36! Obviously, I offended that judge – the story does contain plot threads that border on non-consensual activities. Then again, I tend to write heroes who overpower the heroine, and I know some people don’t like that. But 36? I have NEVER, EVER received such a low score, even when I was getting trashed by the judge. I really *really* must have offended her terribly. At least the other two scores told me I was doing something right.

So, in light of that, I thought I’d turn my attention to the other trouble I’ve been having with this manuscript – the title. Right now, I’m calling it Warrior’s Vengeance, but I really don’t like it. So, I’m going to hold another contest – I’ll give away a copy of either Healing the Mage or In The Devil’s Arms – winner’s choice. I’ll give a brief synopsis here, and whoever comes up with the best title, wins. Simple, eh? Sounds like it, though I’ll bet I’ll get some great titles and won’t be able to choose! lol

Here’s the summary of the story – as it’s written now.

Scotsman Ian MacCallum lost his wife and young son to a brutal attack by English soldiers two years earlier. Swearing revenge against the man who led the attack, The Earl of Montchester, called the Panther, Ian plans an attack on Montchester. During the final scouting mission, one of his men kidnaps a young woman. Ian saves the girl from a brutal rape, only to realize he holds captive the daughter of his enemy.

Marissa Langley determines to free herself from her captors, but unarmed and helpless, she cannot fight against the man who saved her from the rest of his men. When Ian sets out to seduce her, Marissa finds she doesn’t want to resist him, despite her determination to free herself. Ian keeps her bound, treats her badly, yet gives her pleasure she’s never known before. She realizes that she must sacrifice herself to save her family, but when Ian brings her back to his village and collars her as a slave, she vows to destroy him for what he’s done to her. Yet, little by little, Ian’s seduction wears away her resistance, until all she wants is to remain in his arms. And Ian finds he cannot bring himself to harm the daughter of his enemy; instead, she worms her way into his heart, forcing him to rethink his plans of revenge.

So there it is, as it stands now. Of course, not everything is known to either Marissa or Ian, but then again, that’s a big part of the story. For my critique partners familiar with The Panther, they’ll know what I mean! 😉 Okay, everyone, get those thinking caps on and help me come up with a title! :p


I put the kids to work this morning – my son was so excited – until he realized the prizes weren’t for him! Once I explained it all to him, though, he thought it was pretty cool. And we have two winners!

Congratulations to Caffey – you’ve won the Amazon gift card. Keep an eye on your email – not sure how long it takes, but it should show up today.

And Congratulations to Caridad Pineiro – you’ve won the Bath & Body Works Spa Basket. I’ll need an address to send it to, you can email me at giannasimone @ optonline.net (No spaces)

Enjoy ladies!

And I hope you all had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day.


I had meant to post this last night, but when I got home from critique group, the little guy was still awake, and the next thing I knew, I wasn’t! LOL!

In any case – Congratulations to Brita Addams and Alina290 – you’ve each won a copy of In The Devil’s Arms!

I’ll need your email addresses – still figuring this blog thing out, is there a way to direct message me? I know that’s a feature with LiveJournal, Twitter and Facebook, but am still a little clueless with this. I also haven’t figured out how to follow blogs – I thought I was following several people but apparently I’m not. *sigh*

Somehow, I’ll figure it out – but I’m open to any info anyone can share! 🙂 I think I’ve got way too many places to keep up with!

Congratulations to the winners!