End of an Era – and Vikings!

It’s been real quiet around here lately! As usual, things are hairy. My last post addressed the fact I’m about to become unemployed, and that reality has resulted in some pretty insane weeks. I’m busier than ever preparing to transition my job and responsibilities to someone else in another division, and it’s made me take a good hard look at all that I do here. I don’t think even I realized just how much that was! I was asked to stay for an additional month to help complete the transition, and I agreed to that, because I just can’t drop overnight what I’ve spent so many years working so hard at. I figure the extra month will help me be able to let it go a little easier – though I’ll admit, I didn’t expect to be so damn possessive! It’s the end of an era for me, and a beginning of a new one, though clearly, I still have mixed emotions about the whole situation. But I am looking forward to being home for a little while and having the time to focus on other things.
Specifically, writing. I currently have two completed books I am doing a final pass on – another vampire tale that has been in the works and close to finished for what seems like forever, and the next paranormal involving magic and magical people. And there’s another historical in the works as well, though it’s taking longer to get finished than I’d thought it would. The goal is to be done with those three by the time I am done with the day job, because my next writing goal is to start another series.
I’ve been watching the new History Channel series, Vikings. And while I’ve had plans for a Viking trilogy for some time, watching this show has thrust those ideas to the forefront. I am loving almost everything about it – even the at-times disturbing violence. I like the gritty reality portrayed, and the characters are compelling and complex – and based on real historical figures..
Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) is sexy as hell! And his wife Lagertha is as coolly kick-ass as he is. I love their chemistry – that scene where they’re fighting, and she’s beating the crap out of him, and he’s not holding back either, but it’s turning them both on – damn, sexiest thing I’ve seen on basic cable in forever! I’m looking forward to exploring the perceptions and realities of the women of the time, because it’s so different from so many other cultures.
The villains are properly villainous – I’ve always been a fan of Gabriel Byrne, but I really loathe him here (that’s a good thing, BTW), though I do like the clues we get as to what makes him tick. But I’m really liking Rollo, Ragnar’s brother, a lot. He’s showing many signs he could be a villain to reckon with, and since I am particularly partial to villains, I’m drawn to that side of his character and can’t wait to see how far over the line his dark side evolves. Hopefully not so far that he ends up dead before the first season’s over.
I’m learning quite a bit about both versions of the characters – the TV version and the real versions, though even the real versions are usually steeped in myth and often a combination of more than one real historical person.
When I first thought about writing a Viking trilogy, probably about a year ago, I added the idea to my spreadsheet, and a couple of lines about what direction I thought the first book might take. I’ve kept some of that, but watching this show has made the ideas sprout with vengeance. Between watching and digging into the history behind the series, I now have plots for the first two books.  I’ll need to do more research, which I’m looking forward to, but come May, I plan on starting that series, and will actually have the time to devote to it.