NJRWA Put Your Heart in a Book Conference

Many of you know I usually attend the NJRWA conference every year, and this year was another good one. From the workshops to the awards to the parties to hanging out with friends, the bookfair and meeting new readers, everything was wonderful as always.
I was a little disappointed with the hotel service this year – they seemed a little unorganized, which I thought was unusual. Usually the Renaissance Marriott is in top form, from the preparedness of the hotel to the professionalism of the staff. There were a lot of other things going on this year as well which contributed to the moments of chaos – a couple of airline meetings (airline pilots, in uniform. I was enjoying the view! lol), a 50th birthday party and a wedding, which actually took place somewhere else, but they all stayed in the hotel. Made for some interesting sights. But we had a blast watching it all and partying together!
It was fun reconnecting with friends I don’t see often, and making new ones. And the highlight was when my local RWA Chapter’s very own Wendy S. Marcus took the Golden Leaf for Best Contemporary Series for Secrets of a Shy Socialite. Congratulations Wendy! You rock and it was fun sharing the win with you. Our other member finalist, Kat Attalla was robbed! lol I jest, of course, but China Blue is one of her best. I can imagine how hard it must be to judge the finalists since they are all among the best books of 2012-2013.
All in all, things went very well, and as always, my motivation and inspiration are at their highest levels when I return. I’ve been very productive the last few days, despite my little guy breaking his wrist and having to take him for x-rays and doctor appointments and the like. We have another today, and he may get a new cast – one his friends can sign. At least that’s what he’s hoping for. I never saw any kid so excited to be wearing a cast. I suspect it won’t last much longer.
In the meantime, I am prepping a dark and kinky vampire tale that has been languishing for an agent to take a look at. I’m also working on finishing up Warrior’s Possession. I should know better than to work on two books at a time, yet somehow that always seems to be just what happens. I figure I’ll ride the conference high as long as I can and get as much done as possible.
Also, for anyone who is interested, I kicked off a blog tour this week for the Bayou Magiste Chronicles. Watch my announcements on Twitter and Facebook to see where I am on any given day and come on by to check out some sexy excerpts and enter the contest. I’ll be giving away books, swag and other goodies!