Cover Reveal! Warrior’s Wrath

I’m so happy to share the gorgeous cover for my upcoming release, Warrior’s Wrath. I’ve spoken of this book before, it’s the second medieval in the Warrior’s series, about strong and dominating men from the 13th and 14th centuries, and the women they (try to) tame. I’m currently close to finishing the third book in the series, which is actually a re-written version of the very first medieval book I ever wrote (might have mentioned that before too). And yes, there are more to come! 😉

In any case, Warrior’s Wrath is scheduled to be released on January 31, 2014, from Pink Flamingo Publications. Here’s the cover – isn’t she beautiful?

Here’s the preliminary blurb:

In 14th century England, a long-kept secret upends Rowan Langley’s life. His anger sends him on a quest to discover the truth behind the lies he’s been told. Determined to avoid such betrayal again, he trusts no one and lets his wrath guide him and keep others from getting close, except fellow knight Gerard, his only ally.
Aeron Dawkyns is running for her life – fleeing Wales and a false charge of murder. Forced to live in the street and pickpocket to save enough money to travel to England where her brother can help her, she steals coin from Rowan. Though she at first escapes capture, her luck runs out when Rowan catches her attempting to steal his horse. He offers her a choice – sexual slavery to himself and Gerard, or be handed over to the sheriff to be hanged. To stay alive, she agrees to Rowan’s deal, never expecting the torment she will endure.
As the days pass, Aeron finds serving a bitter and angry Rowan has dark pleasures of its own, pleasures she soon learns to crave. For the first time in months, she feels safe, despite the wicked and torturous games the two knights play with her body. But when Rowan insists on dragging her back into Wales, she fears that safety will be utterly destroyed at the end of a hangman’s noose.
When Rowan learns of Aeron’s plight, he vows to help hunt down those who have falsely charged her. He promises to protect her, and keep her, using the debt she still owes as his reason. But how can he keep her safe when he fears he is no better than the brutal enemy who wants her hanged? He has come to crave his slave’s touch, as much as he craves her heart and never wants to let her go.
Staying with Rowan becomes Aeron’s heart’s desire – but could very well mean the end of her life.
Includes: Bondage, spanking, multiple partners and anal sex
As we get closer to release day, I will share more info, and watch for some upcoming events I have planned around that time.

Today’s Guest – Erzabet Bishop

Today, I welcome Erzabet Bishop to my blog. Erzabet writes short erotic stories, with a pagan twist. Personally, I’d love to be able to pack the emotional punch the way she does. Her latest, Yuletide Temptations, is out now. More on that in a little bit. But first, I’ve asked Erzabet to answer some questions to give us a little insight into her and her stories.

* When did the writing bug first hit?

I think it first hit when I was in about 6th grade. I still have the really awful vampire story I typed out on my Mom’s old typewriter.

* Are you a plotter or a pantser?

A little of both. I have to loosely outline some main points on a legal pad and then let her rip. If I don’t I get lost. If I do too much outlining, it gets overwhelming and I get discombobulated when the story deviates-and it always does.

* Do your characters come first, or the story?

Characters first, then the story. I have to know who I am writing about and then the rest takes on a life of its own.

* What’s the same mistake you still find yourself aggravatingly making from your early days?

Echoing. It’s terrible. Lol. I have to read everything out loud to make sure I am not using the same word over and over again.

When you hit that brick wall (as all writers eventually do at some point or another), how do you get through it?

I change what I am working on. Under my real name I write music reviews and that helps.

* What other creative talents do you have?

I love to crochet, bake and do needlework.
* What was the first book you loved so much that to this day, you can still pick it up and read it and savor every word again?

Sherwood Forest by Lisa Croll

Who was your favorite teacher: in elementary school, middle/junior high school, high school, college? (all or any) What did they teach you that you still apply today?

 Mrs. Permenter. I learned not to put an uncovered cake in the trunk of your car. It will be covered in cat hair by the time you get where you are going.

* Coffee or tea?

Both. Coffee first thing and tea the rest of the day. Unless I am really beat, then just keep it coming.

* Chocolate or vanilla?

Ummm. How about both. With chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. Oh- and a ribbon of black raspberry running through it. 🙂

 *  What was your most embarrassing moment? Were you the cause, or someone/something else?

I was working at a mall bookstore where we had to lift a gate to open or lower the gate to close the store. I was wearing a Halloween Elvira red dress and it got caught on the gate and I got to show everyone my unsexy underwear. Awesome.

Which childhood memory is your favorite? Why?

I think getting the anthology of horror stories on Christmas Eve was one of my favorite memories. I still have it and I read from it every year.

* List 5 things that people don’t know about you.

·         I am a dog mom. My husband and I are devoted to dog rescue and have a very active pack of furry babies.

·         Crochet and knitting is how I relax when I am not reading or writing-which lately is pretty rare.

·         I write YA under another name.

·         I love to bake and am a sucker for a new recipe. Cake, cake, cake!

·         I am a bookstore manager, music reviewer and blogger in my day to day life.

Here’s where you can find Erzabet out on the web:
Here’s more about Yuletide Temptations, a super sexy tale, with lots of really heart-felt emotion.
Jasmin is rocking the Yuletide season as she oversees the party for Morrigan’s Promise with Brigit and Julia. Shane, her old school girl crush is back in town. When she goes to talk with him about decorations for the event, his large dog greets her instead, letting loose some holiday mischief.

When Jasmin realizes that Shane doesn’t remember her at all, she refuses his help and leaves. A little intervention from her friends and some Yuletide magic help the lovers connect, only to fall apart again with a heated misunderstanding.

Will Shane accept Jasmin being a witch?
Can Jasmin learn to conquer her fear of dogs?
Will they both give into the passion that will bind them as lovers?

A little mistletoe and a bag of dog biscuits might just seal the deal, helping them give in to Yuletide Temptation.

**Based on real Pagan traditions and celebrations, “The Erotic Pagans Series” brings erotica and romance to reality, and shares the passion of erotic romance in the lives of Pagans with everyone.**

Decking the Halls with Holiday Insanity

So here we are, in the midst of another holiday season. Some were early this year, some were late.  Some are still waiting. The whirlwind of the season is exhausting, exhilarating and exciting. Half the time, I enjoy all the hullabaloo, the other half of the time, I wish it was over already. I like to shop, but with a deadline and a lot of people on my list, it isn’t as enjoyable than “I feel like buying a new dress” shopping. Not to mention that it’s killer on the feet!
Actually, one thing about this season that’s worked in my favor is the fact that I am still unemployed. When I was working, I would take a day off, usually a Friday, and start at 9:00, hit every mall in the area (and if you live in Bergen County, you know that’s a LOT of malls), plus a few stand-alone stores, and wrap it up close to 5:00. I’d manage to cram in just about everyone and have only a few leftover to pick up on shorter excursions. This year, I’ve been able to spread it to one mall a day, with a couple stand alones here and there. So there is that.
But there’s still lots more to be done. In our house, we did away with the real Christmas tree several years ago and bought a really nice artificial. We were so tired of lugging the tree, trimming it to fit, vacuuming several times a week, checking the water, and so on. Ugh. This artificial tree looks just as nice, plus it’s pre-lit, so it’s easy in that regard. Only have to hang the beads and ornaments. Years ago, when we had a cat, tinsel and tinsel garland were out of the question because she used to munch on it, which is very very bad for cats. So we used strings of beads, all different shapes and sizes, in gold. And they look really really pretty.
I also set up a Christmas in the City village on my bay window, complete with fake snow and a bunch of people. I even have the Brooklyn Bridge on a side table to lead the way toward Ebbets Field. My kids like that part the best, and I have an assortment of Santas that adorn the dining room table. It makes the house feel festive.
We also bake cookies. I make all kinds – toffee bars, pecan pie squares, chocolate-drizzled sponge squares, raspberry ribbon cookies, and so on. This year, unemployment is again taking a load off for me – I don’t have to make nearly as many as I usually do, since I always brought a giant platter of them to the office to share with coworkers and thank them for all their support.
And don’t forget the holiday cards! Must make time to do that.
As far as Christmas, it has always worked out well for us. My husband’s family has always had their big celebration on Christmas Eve, with the traditional Italian Seven Fishes dinner, though I think we’re down to four now since some of the items on the menu in years past were made specifically for certain people, who sadly are no longer with us. It’s always an enjoyable evening, and the kids just keep the excitement level at fever pitch. Of course, we must be home in time for Santa to come. My little guy is still a believer (I think), though I suspect those days are almost over.
Christmas Day has always been my family’s traditional gathering day. My parents host and it’s fun to see everyone who doesn’t live close. Again, kids are crazed, but by the time we have dinner, they are calmer. Plus, A Christmas Story marathon is on, and everyone at one point or another ends up seeing the whole movie, even if it’s not sequentially.
I like keeping the traditions alive, there’s a comfort in them, a familiarity as we move through the season that makes everyone smile (usually). Of course, there are the usual school concerts, other holiday parties and the like in the midst of all of this. It’s no wonder we all drop like stones in the water on December 26.
Still, each one of those traditions has evolved a little each year as the kids get older and can do more things. My daughter spends New Year’s Eve with her friends now, instead of us, the cards have changed from going for a holiday portrait to taking our own and using Vistaprint and having them pre-signed, cookie recipes have been swapped out for newer ones, things like that. So as much as it’s the same, it’s also different and new, which adds to the fun. Or is it more like insanity?
So what are your traditions? The best, or the worst? Have they stayed the same, changed, or disappeared altogether? I’ve got a few things we don’t do anymore, but never fear, I will always wear my reindeer antlers and giant jingle bells. In the spirit of the season, I’m giving away a goodie bag of swag and some things from my prize chest, as well as a few books. So tell me about your holiday traditions and you could win a present from me!